Catherine de Lange

Biomedical Features Editor, New Scientist

I am a science journalist, editor and multimedia producer living in London, UK. I have a degree in Human Sciences from UCL, and a masters in Science Media Production from Imperial College.

I am especially interested in people, what makes us tick - including genetics, neuroscience, psychology and physiology. I tend to write about health, medicine, psychology, but have also been known to cover archaeology, cosmology, the environment and science policy. I am also very interested in gender equality, public health and anything to do with food, as well as the overlap between science and culture. I have written extensively about science careers and education, and worked as the editor of Nature's dedicated careers site Naturejobs

My written work has been published in New Scientist, Nature, The Observer,, Nature Outlooks, The Washington PostCosmos Magazine, Slate, SciDev.Net, BBC Future, Green Futures, and more.  

Whenever I have the time I enjoy producing video and audio, and have worked on TV programmes such as the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, radio documentaries including BBC Radio 4's 'Dear Professor Hawking', and podcasts for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, The Royal Society and more. 

When I'm not working I love to travel, read, run and spend time with my dog. 


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